Risk & Advisory

Seekintoo brings vast technical experience together with decades of experience in corporate governance, risk assurance, and compliance.

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No longer is cybersecurity a concern delegated to the IT department.

Responsibility for cybersecurity rests with every decision maker within the enterprise, including its corporate boards. Risks extend from basic network breaches to attacks compromising the functionality of entire enterprises.


Directors and Officers have a fiduciary duty to conduct business with responsibility and prudence. If negligent, they may be held responsible for breach of fiduciary duty. In this atmosphere of developing uncertainty, corporate leaders must leverage the most effective risk mitigation strategies at their disposal. Responsible management of cybersecurity is required in order to protect the organization as well as its clients, employees, assets and shareholders.

Seekintoo’s Multifacetted Approach

Our thorough cybersecurity assessments look at all your organizations moving parts and include the following:

  • Evaluation of the corporate IT system 
  • Examination and determination of technical vulnerabilities and threat assessments 
  • Review and examination of a business’s regulatory and legal framework 
  • Review and examination of a company’s corporate governance framework and documentation 
  • Review of a business’s Cyber insurance coverage including Directors and Officers insurance
  • Tailored workplace coaching for those involved in cybersecurity efforts 
  • Customized incident response and business continuity plans
Seekintoo’s Multifacetted Approach

Seekintoo will develop a program to effectively rectify identified threats and damages in order to prevent future losses from cyber-attacks.  Seekintoo does not replace corporate advisors. Our objective is to work shoulder to shoulder with lawyers, insurance specialists, accountants and forensic experts to properly protect businesses. In situations where companies have certain advisors capable of executing some of the above noted reviews, Seekintoo will produce an effective solution by working with those advisors.